The Art Of Tea: Then and Now Class

Please e-mail to inquire about the next “The Art Of Tea: Then and Now” class.

Our four hour educational class consists of personalized instruction, hands on experience,
a class handbook
and a gift of a take home traveling tea cup.  The class ends with a Royal Afternoon Tea. 

After taking the class you will receive your diploma, a gift of a traveling tea cup and you will be invited to
join the Virginia Historical Tea Society.

Each class is dedicated to the ongoing education of students about the history of tea, its cultural importance,
the art of presentation, etiquette and other related topics.  Varied activities will offer students, opportunities
to broaden their experiences in the world of tea and to participate in functions of preference, to share the
love of teas, to foster friendships and to always have fun

The lead instructor, Aurora Livingston is a Tea Master certified through The Charleston School of Etiquette and Protocol, a member
of the Tea Speakers Bureau, member of the American Tea Masters Association, is a certified
as a speaker, teacher and consultant.
Class Instructors: Aurora Livingston and Deon Dallman

To reserve a seat for a class, send your Name, Phone # and E-mail Address to
Soon after, you will receive an e-mail advising you of the mailing address to send the below application and fee. 
Please print this application for our next “The Art Of Tea: Then and Now” Class, then fill in the blanks.
Fee = $50.00 per person.    This fee is non-refundable. 
Please make your check payable to the 'Virginia Historical Tea Society'.

Dress code for women is:  dress or pantsuit, hat or fascinator, gloves (if you have them, they will come off at the door) and a small clutch purse. 
You may wear flats or heels, whatever is most comfortable. 
Men may wear slacks, shirt and tie and comfortable shoes. 

Please accept my reservation for your next “The Art Of Tea: Then and Now” class.



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