Welcome to the Virginia Historical Tea Society

Pictures from our 2013 Cancer Awareness Event

The “The Art Of Tea: Then and Now” classes
are held in Virginia Beach on
selected Saturdays from 11 am - 3 pm.

Click here for our next scheduled class.


The Virginia Historical Tea Society is based in Virginia Beach.
The Society is dedicated to the ongoing education of members about the history of tea,
its cultural importance, the art of presentation, etiquette, protocol and civility. 
We also include interest and visits to historical houses and their history. 

Varied activities will offer members, opportunities to broaden their experiences
in the world of tea and to participate in functions of preference,
to share the love of teas, to foster friendships and to always have fun.
The Virginia Historical Tea Society is a non-sectarian, non-partisan and a totally inclusive organization.
We are a not for profit organization.

We are registered advocates in the fight against cancer with the American Cancer Society's
Cancer Action Network and work closely with cancer victims in need of care, clothing, makeup, wigs
and in any other way that we can provide support.  We do this proudly as women and men that have had
family members, friends or strangers that have been stricken with this deadly disease.  We hold an
Annual "Cancer Awareness Tea" with all proceeds going to Cancer Research.


Persons wishing to join the Virginia Historical Tea Society must attend our
"The Art Of Tea: Then and Now" class.
Visit TheArtOfTeaClass.com for more information or to reserve a seat for our next class.
This class is taught by the founders of the society.

After completion of the class, annual membership dues are $15.00.
Membership runs from January 1 through December 31 of each year.


Members will receive emails or snail mail periodically.
The society schedules visits and teas with various tea rooms on a
regular basis and includes visits to historical houses when possible. 
We host an annual Cancer Awareness Tea to raise money for cancer research.


Aurora Livingston, Founder, Tea Master VirginiaHistoricalTeaSociety@verizon.net

Deon Dallman, Co-Founder  ddallman1@cox.net